5 Stand Information

The 5-Stand is shotgun shooting similar to sporting clays.  It is the closest thing to real hunting.  There are six clay bird houses, presenting different angles of flight.  The presentations are a teal, rabbit, incoming, outgoing, skeet high, and skeet low.  The five stations at the stand house positions you at different angles. Yardage of the clay birds vary from 20-40 yards.  At each of the five stations, you will shoot a single clay bird with the option of shooting twice at it, a following pair (report), and a true pair (same time).  After this set is shot, every one rotates to the right to the next station (similar to a Trap rotation).   This will happen five times.

When shooting 5-Stand, it is important to lead the clay birds and have a follow through swing.   A good way to practice this is to shoot some Skeet.  These disciplines are very important in the success of Skeet.  Shooting Trap doubles will help you in this also.  It has a splitting away true pair that you must visually pick up and swing through.

Weather and daylight conditions make shooting this fun.  The wind, rain, snow, brightness, overcast, and low light affects the presentation, making this challenging even for a seasoned shooter or hunter.  Did I mention, you are shooting in a covered structure?  You’ll stay nice and dry if you want to come out on a rainy or snowy day.  The finished office has a wood burner and air conditioning for you to cool off or warm up.

Almost any shotgun or gauge can be used.  You can use a pump, semi-auto, over/under, or side/side.  Common gauges used are 12, 20, 28, and 410.  Chokes recommended are cylinder, skeet, improved cylinder, and modified.

You need 25-30 shells each round. No shells larger than 2 ¾”.  Only two shells call be loaded at one time.   Each round cost $5.00. You will pay the attendant pulling.   Eye and ear protection is a must shooting and observing.  Please be familiar will you shotgun prior to shooting.  Fumbling with an unfamiliar gun creates a dangerous environment.  Shotgun breeches and ejection ports need to be open when moving around the stand.  We enforce firearm safety.

We also need volunteers with set-up, closing, and pulling.  If you are willing to learn these procedures, please contact me.

We always welcome new shooters.  It is a laidback, nothing serious, fun environment.  The 5-Stand is the two story structure next to the club picnic pavilion.  It is open on Wednesdays, 6P.M. to 9P.M., and Sundays, 10A.M. to 2P.M.

For information on how to use the 5 Stand for a private event or any other questions about 5 Stand, contact Tim Szalinski at five-stand@millvalesportsmens.com or call 412 996-1242.

View the Rules page for more info and procedures.

5 Stand Summer League

5 Stand Summer League

2017 MSCI 5 Stand

Jeff Landau F—ing Rabbit Summer League

Starts Sunday May 7, 2017

16 League Shoots

Last Day to Shoot Sunday September 17, 2017

Picnic Scheduled Sunday September 24, 2017

Shooters must have:

  • 10 shoots for picnic
  • 16 shoots for prizes

League Rounds $8

Practice Rounds $5

Any Questions Contact
Tim Szalinski (412) 996-1242

Sign up Ends Wednesday May 31, 2017

Loading #1 Trap House – Procedure

Members must follow safety policies at all times. When the #1 trap house needs to be reloaded, shooters on #1 must check with the 5 Stand operator BEFORE walking down range to trap house #1.

#1 trap house is in 5 stand shooting range and is a major safety issue.