Archery Ranges

MSCI has a multiple Archery Ranges. Our standing bale targets range from from 10 to 50 yards. Broadhead’s and Crossbows may be fired at the foam block (only) provided at the 20 yard distance. Standing Archery Range fee is $2; sign the book & pay fees in the Clubhouse.

MSCI also features a walk-through 3D Archery Course, set up on the grounds from mid April to mid Oct. No Crossbows and No Broadhead’s are permitted to be used on the 3-D Targets. The cost to shoot the course during the week is $5 for members and $10 for guests; sign the book & pay fees in the Clubhouse.

View the Rules page for more info and procedures.

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News and Upcoming Archery Shoots

Archery 3D Shoot Calendar

The Archery Shooting Calendar, League Directions and Rules and Regulations are available. Please CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF.

3D target league scores – as up June 17, 2016

Shoot #1 Shoot #2 Shoot #3 Ambridge M.J. McAdams 215 0 0 Mark McAdams 155 0 0 Dave Hudak 0 0 270 Jim Hoffman 0 0 260 Tom Tevis 0 0 199 Chuck Wyke 0 0 179 Sean Gallagher 0 0 244 Beaver Valley Tony Disanzo 293 0 294 Larry Osman 291 275 272 Tim […]