Skeet 101

A basic introduction to the game of Skeet.

When: June 23, 1:00 PM (2-3 hours)
Where: The MSCI Skeet House
What to Bring: Shotgun, shells, eye and ear protection, shell pouch (if you have one) and hydration (water, Gatorade)

Cost: $10.00 (Members Only)
Limit of 8 attendees (first come, first serve)

Contact Mike Stull –

Conservation Meeting June 24 at 12 PM

There is an important conservation meeting June 24 at 12 PM at the clubhouse. We are discussing the dog training rules, issuing training permits, and progress of the fields. There is a $20 permit fee for training this year. The $20 will be going toward feed and supplies. Just because you pay $20, doesn’t me you get a free ride. We need help planting, and feeding of the quail. Everyone who participates should also donate time. If you cannot make this meeting, I will issue permits at the July conservation meeting(TBA). I cannot meet people sporadically like I did last year. I will make arrangements to go over the fields only if there is a new bird hunter with a dog.

Bob Woods Jr

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