Millvale Sportmen’s Club was founded in 1932.

Fish Fry

Friday March 13th

From 5:00 ‘till 9:00
Tickets are available at the Bar (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons)

  • $17 per person
  • Includes beer and soft drinks
  • Fish Sticks for children 10 and under are no-charge

New MSCI Smoking Rule

Last fall a survey regarding smoking in MSCI buildings was sent to all members along with their annual renewal form / dues notice. The responses were tallied, and by a 2:1 ratio, members expressed a clear preference to discontinue indoor smoking.  The exact count showed 1295 to discontinuing smoking, 658 to continue permitting indoor smoking.

As a result, the Board of Directors voted on 1/2/20 to make all MSCI buildings smoke-free. The new no-smoking rule prohibits both smoking and vaping.  It applies to the main clubhouse, the skeet house, the five-stand lounge, and all other outbuildings.  Smoking will continue to be permitted outside all buildings.

The new indoor no-smoking rule becomes effective on February 1st  “No Smoking” signs will be posted in all club buildings during the next few weeks.

While understandably this decision will not be popular with all members, the Board of Directors acted in accordance with the clearly expressed preference of the majority of the MSCI membership.

Live Oldies and Doo-Wop Music

Sat March 14th, 2020, 6pm – 11pm

The BelAirs

$20 per ticket
Ticket purchase includes food, beer and wine
Tickets available at the bar

Guests are welcome.  This is a non-smoking event.


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